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North Canton Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning - Bringing the Right Tools

Greenport is your personal guide leading up to and during retirement.

Greenport is a steady, stable port in an unstable, stormy sea of investment noise and volatility. We believe it's about time people calm down when investing for their retirement. That takes discipline and a plan. Everything we do as your retirement guide - whether consolidating retirement plan accounts from former employers, designing and managing your retirement portfolio, or managing your cash flow needs in retirement - is based on your personal Investment Policy Statement. We agree on the goals and Greenport takes it from there.


  • personal retirement planners
  • cash-flow management
  • fee-only arrangement

Personal Retirement Planner
Once we work together to establish your agreement, we act as your retirement planner by:

  • coordinating the transfer of eligible 401k and other retirement assets into personal retirement accounts
  • designing and managing your portfolio on your behalf
  • coordinating with your attorney and/or accountant, at your request, on tax planning, estate plans, charitable giving, and multi-generational financial guidance

Cash-Flow Management
We also manage your cash-flow needs by:

  • scheduling periodic withdrawals
  • ensuring cash is available on scheduled withdrawal dates
  • keeping you aware of withdrawal history and trends as it relates to your portfolio

Greenport's compensation is derived exclusively from fees paid directly from our clients:

  • we don't receive any commissions on transactions
  • we don't benefit from selling you investment products you don't want or may not need
  • as a Registered Investment Adviser, we have a fiduciary responsibility to act in your best interests

Greenport isn't for everyone, but we may be right for you. If you want investment discipline instead of everyday responsibility, contact us online or call 330.433.1800 for a free consultation.