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Greenport Financial Advisers

North Canton Financial Consultant

Financial Consultation – Preparing for Success

The advisers at Greenport are your personal financial consultants.

Our best financial consultation to our clients might just be our simplest: Take a deep breath...and exhale. As discretionary managers of your investment portfolio, we employ discipline and adhere to your approved Investment Policy Statement when we invest. Greenport Financial Advisers also offers financial consulting services based on that same calm, long-term thinking. With over 100 years of combined experience in the business world, our advisers have the experience and expertise to guide you on those financial decisions that are tangent to our core business of building and managing investment portfolios.


  • personalized financial consultation
  • financial organization
  • fee-only arrangement

Personalized Financial Consultant
Greenport provides guidance at every port along life's journey:

  • retirement funding
  • education funding
  • charitable giving funding
  • estate and legacy planning

Financial Organization
We bring clarity in:

  • financial decision-making
  • investment consolidation
  • cash-flow management

Greenport's compensation is derived exclusively from fees paid directly from our clients:

  • we don't receive any commissions on transactions
  • we don't benefit from selling you investment products you don't want or may not need
  • as a Registered Investment Adviser, we have a fiduciary responsibility to act in your best interests

Greenport isn't for everyone, but we may be right for you. If you want investment discipline instead of everyday responsibility, contact us online or call 330.433.1800 for a free consultation.