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Greenport Financial Advisers

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Investment Research Process - Informed Decisions for Greater Achievement

We make all investment decisions based on our solid research process.

Greenport Financial Advisers doesn't "play" the market, because your investments aren't made with play money. We don't operate on hunches or follow fads. Our investment research process is designed to help us make informed decisions for greater investment achievement. The first key to the Greenport disciplined difference is your Investment Policy Statement. The second is a deliberate methodology built around modeling and insight.


  • actively managed open-end mutual funds
  • multiple sources of primary research
  • continuous monitoring of investments

Greenport Financial Advisers utilizes a sophisticated, highly structured asset allocation model in designing, deploying and monitoring investment portfolios. We perform extensive investment research prior to purchasing anything in your portfolio and we monitor these investments on a daily basis:

We primarily buy actively managed open-end mutual funds
We believe owning properly researched actively managed funds is the best course to reach your desired outcome in most cases:

  • individually selected while keeping appropriate levels of diversification and risk at the forefront
  • allocated in a custom portfolio designed to meet your investment objectives

We use multiple sources of research
Our investment research process not only helps bring to light some of the best funds to purchase for our clients' portfolios, it is also used to support those decisions in an ongoing manner. The more sources we have, the more corroborating value we'll gain in support of the investment decisions we make on your behalf:

  • premier research and reporting software
  • personal meetings with fund managers and/or other fund representatives prior to selecting a fund and on an ongoing basis after we have begun to use a fund

We monitor all investments continually
No matter how great our research and how insightful the investment decision, we remain steadfast in keeping your investment portfolio aligned to your plan and our agreed-upon objectives:

  • determine if the positions held are consistent with the investment objectives and risk tolerance as stated in the Investment Policy Statement
  • examine the holdings that comprise your portfolio to verify the adherence to the investments' stated objectives and investment philosophy

Greenport isn't for everyone, but we may be right for you. If you want investment discipline instead of everyday responsibility, contact us online or call 330.433.1800 for a free consultation.