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Greenport Financial Advisers

North Canton Wealth Management

Dynamic Investment Monitoring - Providing The Tools to Reach Your Destination

We monitor all investments based on your Investment Policy Statement.

Plans are only as good as their fulfillment. Without disciplined, ongoing study and evaluation, your investments lack direction or oversight. Only through our vigilant investment monitoring and optimization can your investment portfolio best realize its potential.


  • careful, continuing investment monitoring
  • event-related adjustments

As the responsible agent to ensure the alignment of your investment portfolio to your Investment Policy Statement, we take the day-to-day burden from our clients by maintaining diligent, active investment monitoring of each client account.

We monitor our clients’ accounts continually to:

  • determine if the positions held are consistent with investment objectives and risk tolerance as stated in the Investment Policy Statement
  • examine the holdings that comprise your portfolio to verify the adherence to the investments' stated objectives and investment philosophy

Greenport also monitors and adjusts client accounts based on individual circumstances, such as:

  • contributions and withdrawals
  • tax planning
  • changes in risk/return objectives

Greenport isn't for everyone, but we may be right for you. If you want investment discipline instead of everyday responsibility, contact us online or call 330.433.1800 for a free consultation.