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Greenport Financial Advisers

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Investment Portfolio Review - Checking In On Your Dreams

Prearranged mutual checkups help keep your goals and investments on the same course.

Discipline requires candor. Greenport Financial Advisers insists on meeting for a portfolio checkup at least once per year to review the performance with complete transparency. We also check in on life to see if your goals, dreams, and financial circumstances have changed. Nothing is hidden or glossed over. We do an investment portfolio review, covering the good and the not-so-good, and then agree upon any adjustments before moving forward.


  • overview of financial markets and your portfolio
  • quantitative rate of return report for current and trailing periods

Life happens. That includes things that happen in the market. And things that happen in your life. Our investment portfolio review meetings are designed to ensure we're on the right course with what you've entrusted to us.

Together, we compare what's happening in the market and your life, to what's happening in your portfolio and how it all relates to your Investment Policy Statement by:

  • reviewing the current state of the financial markets
  • explaining the investment philosophies of the holdings in your portfolio
  • discussing any life events that may affect your Investment Policy Statement

At this meeting, we will provide you with:

  • quantitative rate of return report for the current and trailing periods
  • net dollar growth of your portfolio as compared to your net dollars invested since inception

This is your meeting, so we are open to any and all questions you may have and we encourage your participation and input.

Greenport isn't for everyone, but we may be right for you. If you want investment discipline instead of everyday responsibility, contact us online or call 330.433.1800 for a free consultation.