Written Investment Policy Statement (PLAN)

We agree on the goals and Greenport takes it from there.

It all starts with your personal Investment Policy Statement. Discipline requires direction. Not one dollar is invested until we work together to set your investment goals and determine the guidelines to get you there. We write it in an agreement that we both sign.

Greenport Takes Full Responsibility (INVEST)

You relax while we steer. Our discretionary approach means we manage the whole process.

Discipline requires making decisions. Instead of a typical advisory approach, Greenport follows our agreed-upon goals and principles to manage the portfolio for you. We make the decisions rather than bother you with every choice.

Together We Meet and Adjust (REPORT)

Face the facts and adjust as necessary. Periodic reviews keep us aligned.

Discipline requires candor. On a regular basis, we meet with you and review the performance of your portfolio. Together, we decide if your current Investment Policy Statement is still valid, or if the course should be altered.

You can chart a new course toward a calm, steady port by calling 1.800.430.8800 or requesting a free consultation today.

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